I wonder what your creative outlets were before you realized just how creative you are!
Sherry Kappel

Thank you Sherry! Looking back — I was creative — I just did not recognize it. Like you, there was the garden, decorating the house, making greeting cards with scrapbook odds and ends, and cooking. Somewhere in my upbringing, I got the message that creativity was only for those who were good at it. Funny. Isn’t it great that we can learn a different way?

I think we’ve had a previous discussion about the underlying messages in marketing. When I started marketing for my little food company, those hidden messages suddenly became crystal clear to me. We’re constantly being directed one way or another, aren’t we? Recognizing it in the entertainment industry was the next awakening.

As always Sherry — thanks for reading and keeping me going. It’s a whole new life.:)

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