Here they are!
Shawn MacDonald

Thanks for sending me the link Shawn. The beauty of the situation is that Medium is staying free and open to anybody who wants to participate.

For me, I recognize that I receive immense value from my activity here. (I met you, didn’t I? That’s worth five bucks in and of itself.) I suppose if enough writers who interest you start locking their content, you might see the value in becoming a partner, too.

I’ve said it before — I often operate on feeling and I just think Ev and Medium are trying to do more than earn money here. I could be wrong, but so what if I am — I’ve monetarily lost less than a few Saturday yoga classes, but gained a whole lot of connection.

That said, I understand and value your thoughts and opinion. Hang out and watch — always a good option in my playbook!

Just FYI, I tripped across this in my feed —

It appears Ev himself is reaching out to those who use the platform. Interesting.

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