Gail Boenning, this piece is a belated result of this conversation.
Rachel Darnall

Thanks for the link Rachel! I would not have remembered that it was your drawing/unfinished story. Sometimes people/stories/ideas flash by me so quickly that I do not remember or connect everything.

There seems to be two schools of thought on writing every day. Some say yes and some say no.

I enjoyed your story/history. I agree it is important to publish things worth saying. You have given me pause to think about my process.

Is there a right answer? I doubt it, but I liked hearing what works for you. The weirdest part is, often what I think is good work, is not nearly as well received as the things I whip out of nowhere. I’ve noticed other authors comment on this, too.

Soon to be a first birthday celebration at your house.:) congratulations!!!! That first year is tough on mom, dad and baby — figuring it all out. Fun times ahead with walking, talking and so much more.

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