Your one hundred words of doubt just resonated inside of me.
Sean Howard

Thanks Sean! I look back on a lifetime of “I give up!’s” and I realize that it was OK to give up on all of those things because they led me to write. It certainly has given me a lot to write about.

I find it fascinating that I never once in my past had a desire to write anything more than a thank you note. I tripped here into Medium as part of a quest to learn more about marketing. I started reading the listicles and marketing posts and then slowly was pulled away from all of that into the world of writing…as a craft. Telling stories to move people’s souls, not to move them to buy something. It seems like what I have been searching for my whole life. I am green as spring grass and have a lot of learning and improving to do. TRUTH was a kick I needed to push myself forward, quieting the self-doubt.

Thanks for reading. I have been finding much value in your stories. You are a great lead for me to learn from. Thanks to writers we have in common we found each other!

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