Why Can’t American Education Move Forward?
Todd Brison

Thought provoking. Last week I read a similar, but much much much longer article by Seth Godin. You guys are definitely on to something. It is time for change. I obtained my Bachelor of Science liberal arts degree way back in 1990. It didn’t cost so much back then. I am thankful for the college experience at a reasonable price, but I cannot say that my diploma has done much to shape the course of my life. Now starting a small business, that has been life changing.

I have a 15 year old son. Will he go to college? Probably. Why? Because it is what we do in this country. Will it serve him well? I don’t know. I hope we can find a way to make the education relevant to a successful life. Will he have big loans? Probably not. We have been saving since his birth. Right choice? I don’t know, but we could have maybe put the money to better use.

I do not have any answers either, but applaud you for speaking out for change.

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