Gail Boenning ,
Susan Christiana

What you say to me friend, means more than you might think. You see, I struggle with the thought that the world has given me more than I have given it.

To know that writing and sharing pictures means something to somebody — eases the struggle a bit.:)

Now as for the matches and kindle — you must have been lucky. I did more than my share of reckless things in my youth. Something or somebody must have been looking out for us!

Today on our quick wander at the marsh, the Milkweed fluff was beautiful in the breeze and sunlight.

It’s pheasant season. I saw a male and female (separately) cross the path in front of us. Mara did not see, but she most certainly picked up the scent. She got “birdy” as we say, but has enough sense to know I do not carry a gun and breaks off when I call her.

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