Is there a difference between being not satisfied to improve oneself or what is referred to as a…
Bruce Peters

Yes — I think there is a difference, but also a huge grey area — and catch 22, as well. That’s what leaves me perplexed as to making better choices as a society — everybody has an opinion and — as we’ve discussed, everyone’s perception/perspective is real.

A little, simple, benign example —

Daily wear contacts. I’ve survived with monthlies for years. I can switch to dailies — better for my comfort and my eyes. Good, right? More packaging and garbage. Bad, right? More work/profit for the manufacturer. Good? Bad? More jobs? More automation? Less jobs?

Every step forward has good and bad — and opinions surrounding.

So many decisions are filled with complexity.

Sorry if that was a bit off the path from your point, but it was the least controversial example I could come up with.:)

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