Loved this Gail Boenning !
Michelle Stone

Yes, I’ve really grown to love that SUV. In the beginning, I felt a great need to keep it clean and perfect. A portable vacuum was purchased so that I could give it a quick suck up — almost daily. Glass cleaner and toweling at the ready to erase the child fingerprints and doggy nose prints.

Those days are so long gone!

The dog is in and out at least 3 times a day, hair and dirt left on floor and seat. She rides on the back seat, like a person.

All summer through, kayaks covered in dirt and duck weed are slid inside upon folded down seats. To be vacuumed only when we’ll be carrying non-family members. Light colored pants and black dog hair are not a good match.:)

Dirt and rust offer me solace now. There is such freedom in just using it and not caring at all for a pristine look. Nobody to impress — although I realize I no longer care about that anyhow. Take or leave me and my truck how we are, imperfect, but functional.

As always Michelle Stone , thank you for reading and your comments.

If I might ask, what age group do you teach? Children or adults?

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