The Morning After the Day Before

Last Wednesday I spent most of the day sat on the top deck of a bus driving around New York City, seeing and visiting the most amazing places and buildings I’d only seen on movies or read about before now.

I was awake at 3am this morning, having managed to stay awake until 9pm last night. I’ve spent the last hour catching up in my daily journal as I decided not to take it with me but used my blogs here to remind me what we did each day. It was good to reflect. Ten days flew by and we fitted so much into each day it was hard to remember what we’d done. My apple watch meant I recorded how far we walked each day. Pretty impressive stats compared to our normal day to day activity.

  • Total Steps 186,552 – Average 17,000 per day
  • Total Distance 61 miles (98km) – Average 5.5 miles per day

Yesterday, or was it the day before..? We packed up our luggage and despite a last minute trip to Woodbury Outlets on Sunday found we still had plenty of room. My ‘no new handbag’ resolution went out the window when I saw a bag I loved in the Fossil shop that had been on sale for £128 in the Metro Centre last year. It was the last one they had and with discounts was a mere £45! Well… I’d have been stupid not to wouldn’t I?

Check out was 12noon but the taxi for the airport wasn’t picking us up until 2.45pm so we enjoyed one last meal (our third) at Bubba Gumps in Times Square. I had the usual Chicken, Pear, Berries and candied pecan Salad, making a mental note that I should make this one myself when I got home. We’d had our one and only steak the previous night in The Heartland Brewery and Rotisserie near the Empire State Building which was delicious, but hadn’t really had a great appetite for large meals while there other than a couple of breakfasts and Bubba Gump visits, which had only been Entrees.

Not wanting to get all hot and sweaty before the airport we took a leisurely stroll along the streets we’d come to know so well between Times Square and Lexington Avenue a little sad at having to leave, but at the stage where I was also looking forward to my own bed and a sense of normality, although as we drove to the airport and saw the Manhattan Skyline disappearing into the distance I knew it was definitely somewhere I would like to revisit in the future.

We’d booked an upgrade in BA World Traveller for the return flight and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was compared to Premium Economy which is what we used to get flying from Florida sometimes. Not quite as good as Club Class..which were advertising a price reduction. When I asked what the price was (knowing full well it would be silly money) I was told it was ‘just’ an extra £700 per person if upgrading from World Traveller! Will add it to my bucket list. What we hadn’t realised though was that our connecting flight with BA was also upgraded to Europe Club. So we were in those few ‘select’ seats right at the front being served a full breakfast on real plates with proper cutlery.

Worth the extra? yes definitely.

It was also very nice to jump into the car with the twenty minute journey home rather than a three hour incredibly long and tedious drive from Manchester. The relatives who had been Dad and Dog sitting were still there so we had a chat about the trip and then I set about tackling the worst part of a holiday…unpacking!

It’s not the washing, drying, ironing it’s the ‘putting away’ all the crap that you take and bring back. Like Novelty Glasses, toiletries, souvenirs you pick up like ‘nice beer mats’ for your desk or an Empire State Building Xmas tree ornament that you cant be bothered to put up in the loft with the other decs, but know if you put it anywhere else you’ll forget about it and then when you remember in December won’t be able to find it anywhere. I do have to unpack and get everything put away as soon as I get back though, which is what I did yesterday to stop me from falling asleep on the sofa as ‘someone else’ did.

So, presents have been given out, the house is in order. It’s now 7am the and the third load of washing is out on the line, with the fourth in progress and this pile ready to be put away.

Had we been to Florida, I would have very little of this to do as I rather enjoy being able to use their very efficient hotel laundry rooms. Means you don’t need to take as much with you and you can also just unpack and put away most of your clothes (as long as you fold them properly when you pack them!).

That’s it then. 2017 holiday has been and gone.. the weather is cooler and normal life resumes. My final thoughts..

  • I enjoyed New York a lot more than I expected, although a more leisurely pace and time to absorb all the places you visit would make it even more enjoyable for me.
  • I’d love to go there around Christmastime and see snow, lights and all the festivities.
  • Flight upgrades are worth every penny.
  • It’s fantastic to go places and experience new things but there’s nothing better than the smell of your pillow in your own bed and your dogs snuggling up to you on the sofa.

My favourite photo has to be this one taken on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. I’m so pleased we decided to go there. What a city!

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