What makes me sparkle with curiosity?

I feel most alive and passionate when I’m doing or talking about creative things. Making, drawing or planning to do them. I have been so motivated recently because of the positive comments about my artwork that its inspired me to do more and challenge myself artistically. I have just completed an acrylic painting that isnt anything like what I have done before. Someone asked if they could buy the original. That was a hugely rewarding moment for me. Another of my art class paintings is about to be exhibited in a local museum gallery for 3 months. Again extremely rewarding for someone who. doubted their ability for an awful long time.

Teaching art and writing in workshops. I love the freedom of teaching a subject you love yourself, without curriculum restrictions and politics. Having a group of people who want to learn from you and who share your passion is very motivating. This is something I want to do more of in the future.

I am inspired by motivational videos at the moment. There is one called ‘Focus on You’ which had a profound effect on me the first time I watched it. The images, music and words combined really hit me. I then went on to look for others and use them daily to get my mind in the right place.

I feel most beautiful when I am in a great mood and feel happy, attractive and content with my life. There are only a few people who make me feel this way, and I enjoy being in their company. I feel their positivity or their love towards me. They encourage and inspire me to succeed.

My superpowers are creativity and positivity. People tell me that they are inspired by me, and how I encourage them to move forward. Having left my previous job to do what I do now has confirmed that doing the two – which was a dream I had for many years is the right thing for me. At the moment I am still finding my true path after a year of new and unexpected situations.

The Bigger Picture

I already know that what I am doing now is what I’ve always wanted to do but had to wait for the right time. Everything else I did before was part of it, even the hard, tough times.

Art and writing are what I am naturally talented at doing. Teaching is something I have learnt to do. My challenge now is to do all of these in a way that. is productive and brings in income.

Self doubt has always held me back. I crave attention and reassurance that what I am doing is worthwhile and of interest to others.

I have to stop myself being distracted by other shiny things that take up my time but aren’t helpful. Store ideas for another time, rather than try and do all of them at once.

I’ve had a year to try and test out what I want to do. This year I have to start making money, and feel I am contributing to the family finances again.

I am incredibly grateful to my husband for his constant support to allow me to do this. He has no idea how much this really means to me, to live my dream.

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