Recent Cryptobubbles Flash Campaign — My Realizations

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Flash Campaign has ended already — and just like the competition for Cryptobubbles last time, those who are in the top 30 of the leaderboards are the only ones awarded by points and reputation. (For those who don’t know what points and reputation are, it is used as a measuring tool to determine the top contributors of the social mining of Elrond. At the end of the social mining wave, the top contributors will be rewarded by Elrond.) But contrary to the Flash Campaign before, the one that happened recently do have a twist this time! Participants only had 24 hours to top the leaderboards — and after that, snapshot had been made for the top 30 players. A fierce and intense fight happened for around 360 games and at the end of the day —those who are skilled, bright, and most focused individuals dominate the leader board and their rewards will be delivered soon.
(The admin of Elrond have sent e-mails to those people who belonged to the top 30 to claim their rewards and this will be credited before the Wave 3 of social mining end.)

Though being an experienced player with lots of games and at the same time garnering a total balance of 1,659,950 test ERD, I still wasn’t able to be at the top 30. As time goes by, players of are being better at the game, resulting in a tougher competition inside the game. Saddened by the result for I wasn’t able to be in the top 30 to be eligible for the rewards, — I started contemplating. There I started thinking that what happened is not that bad after all — for I realized a lot by playing the game.

1. Fair and Square

Those areas on red line arrow cannot be seen now unlike before. As you approach the area, that’s the time you will see what’s there and what’s approaching you.

As I started playing for the tournament, I realized that it was a lot different before the major update of the game by the developers. No matter how big you expand your screen when you are playing on a desktop, there is a limited view only. Meaning as you are wondering around the game, the other places are blurred until explored. This was a huge update since last time, those who are playing on desktop and laptop are having advantages playing the game. Now, even if you play on your mobile, you still have a chance to beat players on desktop unlike before! The battle on is fair and square now — and this gives an opportunity to every player out there!

2. Simple Yet Challenging

In-game leader boards

The rules of the game are simple — control your bubble by the cursor, eat food cells to get bigger, and once you get bigger, you can eat those players who are smaller than you. This will happen for 4 minutes and the top 10 players per game will be rewarded by the percentage of the Elrond pot. Easy right? Yeeeees — and NO.

Map of the Game — The blue circle is where are you located at the map

As players get better, they become very skilled on the game, accounting for things like maps, current leader boards at the right side of the screen, time, mathematical analysis, spikes, split and fire bubbles, and more. And that’s what makes the game challenging. Those things will result in asking yourself questions while on the game like if I split, will I be able to still eat him? If I chase that bubble, is it gonna be worth my time? How more time do I have to reach the top 1? Are we going to approach the corner of the map already so I can eat the bubble? Kinds of stuff like that makes players account for many things — a simple game now turned into an exciting and challenging one!

3. The Game is Very Addictive — Fun!

Cryptobubbles players talking and having fun on CB telegram group after a game

As you play tens, hundreds and thousands of games, you will soon realize that you cannot stop playing anymore. The constant thinking of what you did wrong and not achieved the first place — and the happiness when you become the top one really makes this game addictive. As you play, you want to be the top always, and in my case, being eaten by another bubble is the thing what I hated the most when playing the game. That’s why I always strive to be better at the game — and eat them whenever we make our new interaction. Playing the game is fun — especially seeing those little bubbles running and watching them desperately running away. But overall, what makes this game worthy to play is the community. The community is very supportive and participative every time there is an event for not only the cryptobubbles, but also to Elrond as a whole.

Hundreds of players have not been rewarded — but even if they did not win, I assure that they have fun playing the game. After all, the main goal of the game is for the players to have fun — and the points, reputation, and being number is just an incentive and an add on the already fun feeling. More events and campaign to come will be equal to more fun, more support and love from the community, and growth of the Elrond. Cheers!

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Content creator / 23 / Love cats. Currently bullish on eth

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Gaile Canedo

Gaile Canedo

Content creator / 23 / Love cats. Currently bullish on eth

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