Sanity to humanity. Connectivity beyond religion

I am aware of the role of religion in society. In many ways, being religious serves many existential psychological purposes:

After all, people “are thrown” into this world without knowing why and “what are we (humanity) are doing here”.

The one thing that “drives us all crazy” — no matter who we are, and where we were born, is UNCERTAINTY, or a BLANK OF EMPTY SPACE of “THE UNKNOWN”.

How does the mind deal with such cases? — Automatically, it starts imagining various scenarios to tell ourselves stories, to fill up that gap and to have an answer. Then, we forget we created this story, and naively or unconsciously, believe it as facts, as THE TRUTH AND REALITY. This psychological mechanism happens all the time whether you are aware of it or not. It happens to smart people and not so smart.

The content differs in each’s mind, but the process is the same. This is a bio-psychological process of giving meaning to things in life and having the illusion of control and stability. The need to explain why … and how… is beyond the individual. It is generic part of whole humanity’s bio-psych setup.

If you focus on society and not the individual, religion serves as a story that explains and gives an answer many things. Mainly, it provides faith in continuity after death. It gives a purpose and a shield of protection and sets of rules of behavior and hope. It also makes us special people and provides a sense of identity, and explanation of our role: to love , worship and accepts THE MIGHTY LORD.

What is wrong with the function of religion in society?

Observe humanity’s development, and read the Bible, as an historic book, from Adam and Eve, Kayin and Hevel. You see the active role of religion in indoctrination of people, the sense of sin, competition on getting attention and love from God. The book include non-stop stories and case studies that include power struggles, wars, separation and violence.

Just look at the phenomena of Isis , or the fight between Shia and Sunni on the debate “who is the real Muslim”

The question of; “What is the real thing” have led to so many bloodsheds in history all over the world. Religion together with political power struggles brought so many unnecessary deaths and sorrow in the name of GOD.

Is God just watching? Is this part of the plan?

What is your definition for GOD?

Is it God of earth, of the universe, or of the unlimited universes?

Does s/he have humane characteristics? Is he a channel for a greater GOD we — cannot perceive?

Most of us are educated (or conditioned) to the religion of our parents. It just comes natural, as part of our society and the culture we grow in.Isn’t it time to observe what is the role of religion in our personal life and in the society, we live in?

Set your phone ready, or word processor page opened or a piece of paper and define: WHAT IS GOD…

Observe religion’s commandments, rules, and habits. Observe the money poured into religious institutions. Observe the gurus, and masters and rabies and priests and Muslim religious leaders. Do they bring you closer to GOD?

Now that you have defined THE MIGHTY POWER, what is your personal relationship? Can you reach him/her directly?

Write your assumptions and beliefs. Does s/he answer your prayers, or maybe you need a mediator? Maybe you don’t do it right ? do you need a religious figure to show you how to connect to GOD?

Can you reset your mind? Can you explore GOD with a fresh new perception? Open a new page and try to ask what the ENTITY OF GOD IS?

Imagine all people around the world, would go outside now, look into the sky, raise their arms and say : GOD DO YOUR HEAR ME???? Earth is a small planet in Milky Way Galaxy. Did you know: There are one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe

So what is our significance? We — “tiny ants of the universe”? Can we — the TINY communicate with the MIGHTY?

This is my definition of the Creator: The potential and the implementation of All. A powerful intelligent energy, beyond our limited perception capacity that includes: love, light, creativity, and awareness.We are cells / or images of the creation. Its DNA is embedded within us.

Whats its role? To expand in the universes.

Each one of us is a particle in it, yet each one of us has its genetic blueprint in us.

Imagine a cell in you, wants to communicate with “the whole essence of you”… will you notice? What if all cells in a hand collaborate to communicate with “the whole essence of you”, will you notice?

Let’s collaborate. Let’s communicate.

Look how a tiny smartphone can communicate with the huge internet. The progress of technological advancement and science is a result of teamwork and collaboration. Yet we can use what we create to kill or to advance humanity — this is our choice.

Getting back to a smartphone communication with the internet as analogy to you connecting the creator.-

Explore and find ways to get connected.

Though a single cell trying to communicate with the whole essence of you is not noticeable at this point, maybe it’s a matter of choice, language of communication and attention?

Maybe the creator is doing other things now in the universe and you need to learn to catch its attention and learn the protocols of communication?

People from all religions are a physically emotionally and spiritually attached to places they considered as HOLY. How many people were killed to keep and take ownership of theses holly places? IS GOD LOCATED THERE?

You may explore how to be inspired and sense wisdom energies beyond your five senses in nature and building spaces. There are harmonic mosaic energies everywhere.

If you truly perceive GOD or THE CREATOR as a power beyond perception — with the potential and implementation of ALL THERE IS , including awareness, love and creativity of ALL THERE IS, you will get to the conclusion that S/HE, IT IS EVERY-WHERE, ANY-WHERE, ANY TIME.

If you perceive the creator as; intelligent energy of love, light, creativity, and awareness, you may have an insight — a flash of wisdom to connect directly to this energy and be one with it. Explore one on one connectivity!

Maybe we are images in a universe’s game of awareness. Eden is in Earth, but we are too blind to see because of compressed content conditioned in our minds for thousands of years.

Can we WAKE UP? — empty ourselves, to enable us explore for ourselves in first hand, and be free?

Did you know that the word Messiah — in Hebrew could be interpreted: as “from dialogue”

Is it possible that if multi-minds of multidisciplinary people will dialogue, beyond separation of religion and culture, peace on earth will take place –?

Humanity is one organism. Can you see this? When you fly high in the sky — earth is so peaceful and beautiful. Can we make this happen, when we are down on earth? It’s Up to us!

BTW, you can still decide that you need to define yourself part of this or that group or culture or religion. Still, explore, direct connectivity and multidisciplinary dialog. It may uplift your being, open your eyes and contribute to making earth a better place to be.

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