There by the grace of God go I

gaella grace
Nov 10, 2019 · 1 min read

The lady who sits in the front of the bus who speaks to herself in her own incoherent language….

The lady who sleeps on the sidewalk, wrapped in a blanket….

Those with shorn hair who fight for their lives….

Immigrants in exile from their homes….

Children locked in cages, crying out for their parents….

Young girls who unknowingly become flesh merchandise….

Teenagers who kill themselves out of despair and hopelessness….

The disabled who struggle to make ends meet….

The lonely elderly…..

The inmates in cells….

All who are forgotten, ostracized, belittled, and scorned….

All who are silenced, oppressed, repressed, suppressed …

All who are in quiet pain….

I am you. I love you.

gaella grace

Written by

concerned earth citizen

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