5th September 
Day one of week one.

I'll keep this brief as it's the first day of my 12 weeks there's not a great deal to say. Today's session was the benchpress, this is my nemesis, I HATE it!!! Which is probably due to the fact I'm crap at it. This is the one 'focus lift' which I feel I'm never going to progress on.

I wasn't 100% focused in the gym this morning, I was pre-occupied with things I had to do when I left, then worrying about my boys being back at school (we had high anxiety levels before school and lots of tears), I focused too much on how tired I felt (we don't get much sleep in this house) then I had to take several phone calls during my workout so i wasn't as focused as I usually am. 
I sometimes wish I could switch my brain and my phone off at the gym door before I go in but I can't, the joys of being a mum I suppose.

Today’s benchpress consisted of 5 reps @ 23kg, 5 reps @ 27.5kg then 5 sets of 5 @ 30kg. I know the numbers aren’t big but for me, this was heavy, I suck at benchpress. My personal best on benchpress is 40kg for 3!!!!!

I'm at the point where I think I'm 'back in the zone' and kinda wishing I'd not started this 12 weeks diary but I have started it and I'll give it my all, i'll see how I get on.