Week 2 - 12th September 
9st 13.8lbs
It's been a week of ups and downs, my boys went back to school last week which meant I got back my regular training slots, however, with this brought lots of anxieties for them, resulting in constant anger and emotional outbursts and a major lack of sleep so I've been exhausted both emotionally and physically. I'm back at work and trying to get into my new role so there's been the added stress of that too. 
My diet has been good apart from Saturday, Derby day! (Mon the blues) They don't exactly promote healthy eating at a football match so I ate nothing most of the day but then hunger got the better of me and I had kfc and a mars bar later that day....... Apart from that, I've made good food choices, mainly because I've planned ahead and prepared my meals in advance. When I don't plan ahead, that's when I find myself eating crap. My water intake has been shocking and this is something I need to improve.
During last week I did 2 lower body sessions with the squat as my focus lift one day and deadlift on the other, I also did 1 upper body session focusing on the benchpress (last blog) and 1 cardio session.

The squat session consisted of 5 reps @ 35kg, 3 reps @ 40kg then 1 rep @ 45kg. Following this I did AMAP (as many as possible) at 50kg, I managed to do 8 reps at this weight. Hopefully this will increase over the weeks. The squat is my favourite out of the 3 lifts, I get a real buzz on squat days.

The deadlift session consisted of 5 reps @ 35kg, 3 reps @ 42.5kg the 1 rep @ 50kg. Again, following this I did AMAP @ 55kg, I managed 10 reps. I could have done a couple more but my grip was starting to fail, I really need to work on my grip strength.

In a way, I'm glad I started this diary because it's keeping me on track and I'm pushing myself harder than I have before but then on the other hand, I regret doing it. The reason I regret it, is because it makes me feel vulnerable and I feel under pressure to do well. I've had a lot of confident boosting comments and encouragement but not everyone in the world is as supportive and friendly!! I'm working very hard on 'not caring what others think of me', once I conquer this, the confidence will come (I hope).

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