How to Decrease the Use of Pesticides to Safeguard the Health of Children?

Although the field of medicine has made advancements in the contemporary times, however, the increase in disease and cancer cases among the children, particularly in the United States has become a cause of concern for somewhat all the parents. According to the research reports, pesticides have been associated with many causes of diseases among children. For example, one of the researchers has revealed that pesticides in the households can increase the chances of cancer in children up to 47 percent times. This means that the exposure to pesticides in the households can contribute to increased chances of leukemia among the young children, which is often the most common type of diseases when it comes to children. Likewise, some of the bug killers have a role to play in providing favorable conditions to certain types of cancer.

While the precise link between the use of pesticides and increased chances of cancer in children is somewhat ambiguous due to the complexity and number of variables involved in the research studies, however, the association or possibilities of the two causes cannot be denied either. In other words, even if there are fewer possibilities, it does not mean that parents should keep on using the pesticides in the house or gardens; rather it is best to take steps that may prevent the chances of getting cancer in children to zero percent. It means that parent should avoid using controversial products to get rid of the insects or bugs in addition to following the below-mentioned tips.

Preventive Steps

The insects can be controlled or prevented from making a place or coming into your house if proper care or hygiene is maintained in the house. The same rule can be applied to school environment and day care centers or areas where children ride on cars and play.

Temptations for Pests

Work on minimizing the chances of attraction or sources of food in the house for pests. For example, water and food should be properly stored so that the insects will not come to the kitchen or other storage places. Similarly, the leftovers should not be left in the kitchen uncovered and trash should also be taken out of the house on the regular basis.


Kitchen counters are often a source of food, as the crumbs of food or food preparations are done on the counters. Therefore, if you don’t clean or clear the counters, the insects may gather or come to your kitchen. Also, make sure that the pieces of food are not left in the oven and the stove is properly clean.

Kids Role

Children tend to be a little careless when it comes to maintaining a certain level of hygiene. Therefore, if you are a parent who struggles to maintains the house or to it tidy or if you children are too young to clean up the dining space, parents can pay attention or teach them to avoid spreading or wasting food.

Blocking the Entry Points of Insects or Pests

In addition to focusing on the tips to make the house clean, there are certain points or holes in the house that serve as the entry points for the insects, particularly during the summer season. Therefore, it is important that you block or close the passages or areas in the house which can become a potential home or point for entering the house.


If you have a habit of cluttering the stuff at home, it is time for you to change the habit, as the insects look for places where things pile up or if they are cluttered. For example, corners in the house or a cluttered space where you pile up dirty laundry or spaces in which you keep trash will need extra attention.

Organic Tips for Getting Rid of Pesticides

If the insects manage to come into the house despite following the above-mentioned tips, you may try one of the organic options to deter the insects. For example, some of the families have shown the satisfactory response after using the herbs like rosemary. Similarly, spices are also preferred by some of the house owners. In addition, some DIY traps can also be utilized if you are hesitating to use artificial sprays to kill the insects or pests.


If you are stuck in a situation where you have to use pesticides as a last resort, you are expected to read the instruction on the various products or follow the direction to avoid exposure of children and family members with the chemicals. Moreover, if the instruction on the product label says to use a certain amount of the chemicals, strictly follow it to avoid the overuse of the products. Likewise, if you can shift the family or friends to a friend’s place, it would give you the time to get the house sprayed or clear of the pesticides without having to expose the family members and specifically children to chemicals.

Pet Treatments

If you are fond of having pets in the house or if your children have one of the pet animals, the products use to clean the pets or to safeguard them from ticks may contain pesticides and various products are available in the market, which can be very damaging or sometimes more harmful than the common pesticides, as these products are also a cause of diseases or health problems for the children.


Even though it is often overlooked part of the daily lives, however, if one pays attention to the growth of food in the initial stages and how it is cultivated in the agricultural lands, it becomes clear that the pesticides used by the farmers or food producers is one of the most frequent causes of nurturing or spreading the human diseases. Moreover, the inorganic food option is another cause of cancers in the modern times. In other words, if you prefer or opt for organic options, it may help you to prevent or minimize the chances of diseases. However, it is important to remember that of you buy organic food options, but the process of growing the food produce was similar to the inorganic food, the chances are your organic choice may have harmful chemicals on it. Therefore, it is best to ensure that you clean the organic food properly.

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