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“CREDIBLE EVIDENCE? None I have seen thus far. How about looking into the FAILURE on the part of the Obama administration to react to this when they knew about it. We are finally back on the right track and the Media and Dems can’t stand it.

Any “failure” on the part of the Obama administration became irrelevant at noon on January 20, 2017 when Trump was sworn into office. At that point, it became HIS responsibility to act on that information. And to this day he has done nothing about it aside from tweeting, and in fact has mentioned the possibility of REWARDING the Russians by returning their confiscated compounds. And, in secret apparently, making promises to lift the sanctions opening up Russia to the $500 billion drilling deal with Rex Tillerson. Since he is now admitting that Russia misbehaved, shouldn’t he be punishing them rather than rewarding them?

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