American Revolution–Part 2

Welcome to the American Revolution redux! You have been born into the revisit of the period that encouraged the first American Revolution. This period will require us to look at what we created 240 years ago and assess the areas that need correction and support. Over time any program or plan needs to be assessed as to its performance and results. The principles and intentions of this country are now being held to the light. Have we as a nation and a people, adhered to the origins of the Declaration of Independence and its Amendments and Bill of Rights? Have we as a nation and a people strayed from the purpose and intentions of the founders?

Since 2008 when this period began, our focus has been on exposure and more exposure. Just as in the first revolution, we have provided an oppressor. Originally it was King George and his supporters. Today, it is the corporate/government partnership. Just as in the early 1760′s when King George handed down rule after rule and law after law on the colonists, the corporate/government bedfellows have carved out alliances of lobbyist/politician, laws favoring corporate interests, entrenched politicians running for lifelong office in Washington–with no jobs to return to in their districts–special corporate interests writing the laws for the politicians, deep pocketed hidden money PACS that anoint individuals for office and elite groups that seek to gerrymander districts for their own benefit. Basically gaming the system. Lip service is given to the Constitution by these politicians but they no longer live with the intentions or the spirit of the amendments. They wave the Constitution as if it were a prop at the theater of the predictable.

The United States of America was founded at the beginning of the Aquarian Age–also known as the Age of Enlightenment. We had enlightened thinkers put together a unique plan for humanity’s advancement. It would herald a new day where the rights of the individual were encouraged. Its declaration declared that all men were created equal and that they were endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights–life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Its amendments would declare that they be given free speech and well as a list of other directives to assist in creating a land and governance that would allow this nation to pursue its lesson of the number 5. It would become the catalyst of change for the world and live in freedom. Its talent would be in the art of assimilation. First it would learn how to assimilate inside its shores and second, it would teach the world assimilation through its example. It would clearly separate church and state so that no longer could the governance be under any religion dogma or influence.

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