Election 2016: Onward

Onward to November 8th. Unless some large unforeseen world event happens, Clinton will be our next president. This was forecasted quite some time ago based on both Clinton and Trump’s birth charts. Using both Vedic Astrology and Numerology, the worst thing Trump could have done for himself was to enter politics. Media, entertainment and real estate are his forte. Politics is out of the question. Yet, he went right in. Hillary’s chart was always to enter a very fortunate period the very beginning of October well through November 8th. Trump’s chart is just the opposite. His fortunate period was to end around the end of September.

Trump was always about disruption of the existing structure, particularly of the Republican party. He has done a good job of that. As I have said many times, the election that will really impact a changed America is 2024. America has 8 years more to clean up her house and transform her systems. More exposure is coming. It is slow going until 2024 but it will arrive. Hillary is a transitional president to combine both conservative and progressive segments. Once we crossed over into the year 2000 and the number two, more and more women will be able to influence. From 2000 through 2999, the female will (represented by the number 2) be released from the bondage of thousands of years of invisibility. This is a worldwide phenomena not just local to the United States.

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