Prince–the Performer leaves the Stage

Prince arrived on earth on June 7th, 1958. He was born with a sun in the sign of Gemini, an air sign. Lots of mental energy here. He was also extremely smart being born on a 7 day and had brought with him a very good intellect from prior lives. He definitely would prize privacy. His need to be away from the hum drum world was very real. It’s interesting to see he lived and died in the same area. For all his travels and acclaim, he would come home and escape from the outer.

This earth plane was hard for him. He came in with quite a bit of challenges and missing three numbers in his name, the 2, the 4 and the 8. To apply more pressure on him, his life path was the number 9 and his Soul number, personality number and destiny numbers were all number 9. This is over-the-top difficult. This place would feel almost foreign. Nine is a finishing number and with life path and Soul number matching, he was repeating a life over. That would be similar to a person taking an old blueprint and dusting it off and using it again. When that happens, the lessons of the number are intensified.

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