#TBT — America’s 5 Life Path

America was born on July 4, 1776, the date of her Declaration of Independence from the British. Once this date was chosen, it sealed her fate as to her purpose and personality. She has been true to her nature ever since. One thing to remember, is that a person, country, company will always revert to its true nature. If you don’t believe that, watch yourself or another individual in a crisis situation or under intense stress. America’s nature is one of freedom, hard work, change, movement, indulgence and progressive.

Because the No. 5 life path rules the 5 senses, Americans are apt to indulge in things of the 5 senses: food, drugs, sex and other addictions. We currently have an opioid challenge in America, eating disorders and other addictions including gambling, work and addiction to quick trends, brands, speed, quick fixes, quick cures, quick goals.

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