The Meaning of Your Last Name and Name Changes

Most of us think little about the importance of our last names. We believe it comes from our Father–in most cultures–and that we are stuck with it the rest of our lives. Some of us carry our Mother’s last name. That is a bit unusual. Most of us inherit our Father’s name. The word to remember here is “inherit”.

In Numerology the last name is considered the “earth plane” name. It is the name that sets up your inheritance for karma and assignment that you have agreed to assist with while you are alive. The last name is the name that gives you the opportunity to heal or end the karma of a long or short lineage. Sometimes issues within a person have been a general family issue for many, many generations. It can be as noticeable as a long line of alcoholics or generations of co-dependencies. It can be mental illness, generations of those who behaved as strong, lonely women, physical illnesses etc. The last name hides the story of your ancestors’ issues. An example would be a last name that has the letter “o” in it. The letter “o” in this position reveals issues with the pancreas and the individual can be prone to either high or low sugar. In this case, there was usually some form of starvation in the inheritance. Perhaps of Irish or Native American ancestry.

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