Will Trump Drop Out of the Race?

As we get closer to November, it is very possible that Trump might drop out of the race if he thinks he will lose. This is a very crucial time for him and September is a harsh month for both candidates. Hillary is learning she has to engage regularly with the press and the public. Trump’s trip to Mexico had very bad timing on it. The day after was a Solar eclipse and it was done in a Mercury Retrograde. He couldn’t do much worse. Whatever he did, the outcome would not be what he wanted. The pattern and history of Trump is to jump out of business ventures once they start failing or going south. He won’t accept defeat or embarrassment. He is already planning on whom to blame for his loss. Of course, it will be the “rigged system”. He will make a ton of money selling a book on the “rigged system”. If both of these candidates are able to make it through the arrows of misfortune through September, the upturn goes to Hillary Clinton. Both her Numerological chart and Astro charts get better, closer to the election. Absentee ballots begin in some areas October 10th. Trump’s hardline position on immigration will not help him get moderate Republicans. Trump’s problems are Trump himself. He dislikes too many people. Now he will say anything to get elected. Once the debates are done, 3rd party candidates will begin to fade. Gary Johnson showing his ignorance of a major battle city in Syria didn’t help him and showed his lack of knowledge on recent foreign involvement. If it looks like the game is over, Trump could very easily quit and not feel bad. It’s his pattern. Interesting phenomena.

No telling until October. October is the month of decision.

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