Women Will Continue to Gain Visibility and Power

If we could see the bigger picture at play, we would see that although a woman lost the election, she did win the popular vote.It was also the first female to head up a national presidential ticket. Whether we voted for or against Clinton, we are moving closer to seeing women in positions of power. The name of the picture is visibility, increased numbers, power and then influence. More women will be needed to step up to the uncomfortable role of leadership. Women also are learning how to speak up effectively so that they are heard as well as seen.

We just witnessed very old traditional roles. The white older rich man with the young beautiful arm-candy wife. The authoritarian male that will take care of you. It’s very seductive as well to have someone like that take care of us and lead us out of darkness. It remains to be seen how he will lead a nation and who surrounds him. It has been my experience that people always revert to their true nature. You will see many promises that cannot be kept. Running a campaign is nothing compared to running a government. This old traditional male role will not be returning in your lifetime. The disrespect of women, even in jest, or especially in jest cannot be excused as boy’s locker room. He is a last of a long line of white, older men, who are part of the old Piscean Age and the ending years of the last millennium. We are completing the years 1000 through 1999 and birthing the new Aquarian Age with a thousand years of the number 2, 2000 through 2999. Two is the female number. Male is the number 1. Trump is needed at this time to help shake up the old order.

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