Since November 9th, I have dialed down my consumption of political media (MSNBC, New York Times…). Still taking in enough to #staywoke though.

But January 20th and beyond, I’ve made a personal commitment to a total blackout of Executive Branch activity. Just cannot stand to watch or more viscerally, listen to that mess. Day one went well — I didn’t consume a moment of TV, social, chats, whatever that covered that nonsense.

I’ve created a list of things I’m going to do instead. Maybe you’re a “politics TV” junkie like me and struggling with the same issue? Perhaps this can be helpful. Here’s my list:

  1. Starting a blog, digitalmovements and blog at least every month. It’s a WIP — bear with me.
  2. Falling in love. Yes, it’s time. Watch this space.
  3. Play my favorite CDs and vinyl; dig way deep into the archives and find stuff like Earth, Wind and Fire “Last Days and Time”. Lots there.
  4. Work out — seriously, like kick ass bootcamp with Eduardo.
  5. Hike — I live so close to fabulous trails.
  6. Learn a language — right now it’s German!
  7. Meditate — Use Tina Tuner’s recording if I need guidance
  8. Drinks with friends, regularly
  9. Seriously grow veggies in my garden — don’t give up mid-season when the tomatoes don’t ripen.
  10. Local drives (Napa, Big Sur…). It’s all right here in my backyard.
  11. Read — If I re-read all the great stuff I have, that’s 4 years right there
  12. Sleep — go to bed earlier. No Charlie Rose politics.
  13. Work harder — work with the clear goal of where I want to get, how to get it, and the relative importance of work in my life.
  14. Teach social media — there’s a market for it, so they tell me.
  15. Learn salsa dancing — real, with-partner, salsa dancing
  16. Walk my cats — Yes, they have harnesses and I can take them outside
  17. Travel big when I can — Italy: Umbria/Tuscany? Seychelles? South Africa?
  18. Cook — now that’s a concept. Healthy eating.
  19. Wine tasting classes — did it before, need a refresh.
  20. Maximize use of social media communities to #staywoke
  21. Be a mentor — it’s rewarding
  22. Be mentored — I need it
  23. Read Atomic Ranch mid century modern magazine — I can make my home magazine-ready with little effort, just inspiration
  24. Juma Ventures non-profit work — changing the life of youths across American every day. Make my Board position a “working” position
  25. Walk a labyrinth — what the hell BUILD one in my yard. Easy to do with rocks. Gonna need it for all those mind-clearing walking meditations during the next four years.

Update: It’s January 28th. Stickin’ to it!

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