Who Am I?

I don’t claim to be a writer or even feel like I can write well, but I believe that there are many people that can identify with my struggles and will learn from the journey I am taking. So I have decided to start telling my story online and maybe this will help someone who is going through what I have and don’t feel like anyone understands their struggle…… This is my story.

The day that my youngest of four children turned 18 was the day I really started to question myself about my identity. Even though she had left home several months prior to her birthday to pursue her goals and attend college, that day hit me hard. I really started to think about who I really am. My 3rd marriage isn’t in the greatest place and headed downhill fast, my 3 boys are all living their lives and have very little time to even say “hi”, and now the youngest is officially an adult and on her own. I had to do an evaluation of my own self. Who am I, I am a mother of 4 adult children (never thought I would see that day), I am a wife (even though I feel like I am failing at that), that was all about to change.

I started to look at all the things I had started to accomplish but never really succeeded. Sure, I had gotten my license for real estate and worked in the field for 7 years. Not very successful since I had to hold down a second full-time job so I could “learn the ropes”, which I don’t think I ever really did? Needless to say, I resigned from that when the real estate bubble burst in 2007. After several years of working full-time jobs and moving to a different state, I attempted a new journey…. as a lender. I passed my exam but lived in such a small area that no one was hiring, so back to real estate I went. Real estate in a small town is cut throat compared to a Metro area, so I quit. Chalk up another failure.

At this point in my life, I felt like an absolute failure and that there was nothing I could do right. Have you ever been there? Nothing is going right and it feels like everything you touch turns to crap (pardon my french). I had to do something different but what could I do. I take a job that I have to commute 75 miles each way to get to. I love the job, but there is something in me that wants more than a 9–5 Monday — Friday work week. I have always had a passion to start an online business. So I started to research “easy ways to make money online” and found some youtube videos to watch. There were teenagers online showing how to make money online and showing the success that they had. I used my two hours commuting to listen to everything I could about starting an online business. I have tried and failed at several, but I think I have found the training that will change the way I see online selling and marketing and the platform to do it.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I am on a path that can lead to success. I want to share that journey with people and help them understand that this is truly possible. Join me on this journey and maybe I can help you discover what I am discovering. So who am I? I am a mom, a wife and I am an ENTREPRENUER.