Kristi Coulter

An enjoyable read that brings to mind a couple of ideas. First, we live in a society that is so sick in myriad ways that it’s not surprising many people numb themselves one way or another. Second, I find severe cognitive dissonance in feminism (although I self-identify as one myself). The notion that women should be equal with men — and also that in a larger sense, social justice is an attainable goal, as is world peace — is basically a modern luxury that derives from the relative wealth and leisure that derive directly from embedded energy in fossil fuels (a temporary, non-renewable resource with dangerous externalities). Our science and our art and our politics are terrific, but fundamentally our lizard brains haven’t evolved much from the primitive tribal conditions where they evolved. That’s why we still have wars, grotesque inequality, and patriarchy, and always will. It’s hard to live with it when our moral sensitivities scream that it’s wrong.

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