Is WWII the Right Metaphor for Climate Change?
Joshua Carroll

From the first Earth Day — an image contemporary professional environmentalists hate because it makes it so clear that only a reduction in modern first-world levels of consumption, pollution and emissions will clean up the earth. Sure, we need government regulatory policies globally to enforce compliance, but those policies would have to be something along the lines of rationing energy on a per capita basis, banning air travel, and curtailing/transforming the US military. The professional activists won’t touch those topics because they know that it’s never going to happen. So to keep their organizations funded, they pretend with nearly the same disingenuousness as fossil fuel corporations that deny climate change, that the party can continue unabated, just by substituting so-called “green, sustainable” sources of energy. Good luck, Josh. Get ready for backlash, they don’t take kindly to such heresy.

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