Public Sale & $100k Give Away Gainer NFT. 182.5% APY


Gainer Protocol is an investment instrument engaged in the NFT field. NFTs projects generally allow an NFT to be traded based on the price the creator wants, then the buyer can resell it at whatever price he wants on any supported platform. Unlike other NFT projects, Gainer Protocol set a stipulation that the user cannot determine the price when selling NFT, the price has been determined by the protocol’s algorithm using the price rebase mechanism. Gainer Protocol’s price rebase mechanism has an increase of 0.5% per day or 182.5% APY. The base price will automatically be updated at 00.00 UTC. In this way, there is no possibility that an NFT can increase by thousands of % in 1 day and can’t be sold in the future. Then what if someone sells his NFT into another marketplace? We have created a smart contract that prevents other smart contracts from being able to trade Gainer NFTs. Other marketplaces on polygon network only able to view the NFTs but do not have access to listings or transactions. We are using stable coin USDT for transactions.

Full details about Gainer Protocol check our docs Link

Public sale date : March 27th, 2022 at 12.30 UTC

Public sale price

Gainer One = $10

Gainer Five = $50

Gainer Ten = $100

Total give away is $100.000+ worth of NFTs which divide into 5 phase

Phase one is $20,000+ (worth of NFTs)

Gainer One = 670 NFTs = Worth $6,700+

Gainer Five = 134 NFTs = Worth $6,700+

Gainer Ten = 67 NFTs = Worth $6,700+

Phase 2 until 5 wait for next announcement

Each person will be allocated for 10 Gainer ONE or 2 Gainer FIVE or 1 Gainer TEN, you can’t choose what you will get.

1. Follow Gainer Protocol Twitter Account Link

2. Retweet pinned tweet from Gainer Protocol Twitter Account Link

3. Quote & replay pinned tweet from Gainer Protocol Twitter Account and mention 3 of your friends Link

4. Join Gainer Protocol Telegram Group Link

5. Subscribe Announcement Gainer Protocol Telegram Link

6. Fill application forms Link

If you fulfill the requirements, you can join the giveaway. The giveaway mechanism is FCFS, join the stream on our website. The team will inform when claim status is open. We choose not to use whitelist because it’s not too transparent to the community. In this way each person will get the same chance to win the allocation. It might be delayed couple of minutes from the time we announced because we change the status manually.



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