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Gold AI Network Token

For centuries, gold has been viewed as a safe investment for massive sums of wealth worldwide. The reasons for this are vast, as gold:

  • serves as a hedge against inflation and deflation
  • protects against geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainties
  • is a great portfolio diversifier
  • is a proven store of value

The digital currency boom has prompted enormous wealth transfers into the cryptocurrency market as well; for many of those same reasons. One currency, PaxGold, has merged the best of both worlds; offering investors an attractive way to own investment-grade physical gold with all the benefits of the blockchain. Each PAXG token is backed by one fine troy ounce of gold, stored in LBMA vaults in London. If you own PaxGold (PAXG), you own the underlying physical gold, held in custody by Paxos Trust Company.
This cost-efficient, secure, and regulated way to digitally own real gold has seen it’s market share in the blockchain industry soar to heights in excess of a 500 million dollar market cap. Couple this information with the global market cap of gold itself (nearly 13 Trillion USD) at the time of writing, and you’ll see that the digital world has quite some catching up to do.

Here to help accelerate the adoption of PAXG, as well as gaining access to sophisticated trading bots, is Golden AI Network (GAIN).

GAIN will achieve longevity though a sound and sustainable rewards model. Our volume based rewards model rewards users fairly based on their purchase price in Ethereum, not number of tokens, airdropping holders regularly in gold ($PAXG). This is a first mover advantage in defi as we introduce fair rewards protocol built to last.

SandRock Capital — GAIN will change the way users view investing in cryptocurrency and gold. SandRock Capital is a limited liability UK company that is a powerhouse when it comes to the educational aspects of enabling novice traders to embark on their journeys towards financial stability. (see for more details)

SandRock’s Wealth Generator- For years, SandRock capital has utilized this technology to trade profitably on the market volatility of gold and the U.S. Dollar. Recently, they have begun to offer educational courses; training people on the ins and outs of navigating the software that they themselves use to consistently generate wealth. Access to these products is often considered out of the reach of normal investors, as the learning curve and initial investment may be intimidating for some. However, as part of the deal we have brokered for our holders, people can take advantage of special pricing on both the training and owning of the exclusive software that will also serve as GAIN’s wealth generator.
We will proudly apply our own funds, and those gathered via modest trading volume taxation (6 buy/ 9 sell), to invest in these sophisticated bots as well. While yielding attractive returns for all early adopters, GAIN will also take proceeds from the profits of our trading bots and buyback GAIN; adding to lp routinely.

GAIN launched with an 8 ETH liquidity pool to entice volatility and attract investors of all types; prompting the volume required for a sustainable and attractive rewards pool.
Our focus will always remain on long term growth, wide spread adoption, and emboldening our holders to earn financial freedom through education and portfolio diversification. Throughout this process, we will be consistently bolstering liquidity to attract larger investors. This will ensure healthy long term growth for the project at all stages of it’s roadmap; all while rewarding holders along the entire journey.

For more information about GAIN token, our rewards model, PaxGold airdrops, Gold AI trading bots, or our partners, visit us today!

Twitter: @GAIN_PAXG



Gain Gold

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