GAINSHINE TPE beats vulcanizates in weather seals

GAINSHINE has developed a thermoplastic elastomer that it claims outperforms thermoplastic vulcanizate elastomers in weather seals.

Its new TPE grade provides higher tear strength, lower compression set and cost benefits compared with TPVs, company says. The product is well suited to weather seals in window sealing and telecom box sealing, where it meets growing demand for softer TPEs.

“achieves our goal of a higher tear strength elastomer with low compression set at hardness levels down to 40 Shore A,” said Mark Tony, GAINSHINE vice president of sales, in a news release.

GAINSHINE says the new elastomer extends its weather seal product line that includes materials with hardness ranging from Shore A 40 to 90. High tear strength, low deformation, low-temperature toughness, cost effectiveness and ability to be extruded without drying have spurred acceptance of the TPEs in weather sealing, the company explains.

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