The Best Weight Loss Diet

Flat Belly Overnight

When was the last time you were able to find a diet pill that works for losing weight permanently? This is the problem with these pills - they are just not good for the long term To understand why it's difficult to find a diet pill that works, first a little information about how these pills function, is in order.You can broadly divide these pills into two categories - prescription pills and over the counter pills.

Prescription pills are highly complex chemicals that have been specially formulated to help reduce the weight in the clinically obese. These are not meant for day to day use and can cause side effects too in the long run. They are available only by a doctor's prescription and so, are of limited use for our discussion here.

The over the counter pills is where the fun begins. These pills come in a lot of varieties. Some pills work by suppressing your appetite so that you just do not feel hungry and eat lesser food than you would normally do. This means a reduction in your calorie intake which in turn causes you to lose some weight.

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