Earthing Is Being Barefoot With A Purpose

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It wasn’t to long ago, alternative or natural health was looked upon as being weird, by the masses. To mention the word Earthing then, could have been social suicide. In a short time we’ve come a long way. In the age we live in it’s almost become hip to be healthy; and natural health, backed by science, is leading the way.

When it comes to being healthy, I’m fanatical. I search out the cutting edge findings and experiment on myself. When you do this for a long time, you’re bound to find some things that really help.

With the knowledge available today, when someone really wants to, they can make dramatic transformations in their health and appearance. Sometimes, however, with all of the positive change, we may develop something that benefits us in one way, but has a cost we are unaware of.

Shoes may very well be one of those benefits with a bigger cost than we understood. Don’t worry! You don’t need to throw away your shoes. They definitely help protect our feet from all of the garbage, thorns and thistles; and keep our feet warm in the winter. Although shoes have their benefits, there are some amazing benefits you can receive from being barefoot on the earth.

Not too long ago, a man was watching people walk by as he sat on a bench in the park. He became focused on the fact that, pretty much, everyone was wearing shoes. Clint Ober, who had worked in the cable industry for many years, took special notice of the rubber and plastic soles on the shoes that insulated people from the ground.

Clint was aware of the electrical surface charge of the earth and he started to wonder if being insulated from the ground might have some health consequences. Those thoughts eventually led to research that shows he really stumbled onto something great. Maybe even “The most important health discovery ever?,” as stated on the cover of his book, Earthing.