The Art of Awesome Binary Options Trading!

Binary Pot of Gold Review

One of the interesting features of the plethora of binary options platforms that have come to the fore over the last 3–4 years is the fact that the offer their products in a percentage return manner thereby disguising the binary options over-round. There are a number of probable reasons for this, including: a. Globally understood means of trading.

Not a sports-like fixed odds format, i.e. an investment, not a bet, c. Disguises the true value of the bet(!) in terms of over-round. This article strips bare the actual profit margin of the binary options platform and ultimately compares the profit margin with the game of roulette.

Binary option is a financial instrument that can use you to gain large profit within less than hour. In the recent months we hear more and more about trading binary options and people how are using this financial instrument are reporting large profits; the main reasons for that are the simplicity of trading and the possibility to gain 75% within less than 1 hour.