The Best Survival Knife

Free Survival Busniness Card

Have you given any thought to making a personal survival backpack, what do you need in your survival kit, which are the best items to have, what is the best survival knife? It would be good to have at least a 6 week plan, as the first 72 hours are critical, you need to be ready for the long haul, as it could take several weeks for things to get back to relative normality.

In a world where the masses of human beings are devolving, and by varied means of self-indulgence, are you prepared to survive? As you travel through a society where the gross stupidity index increases annually, have you planned countermeasures? Daily, when you step out that door, from your comfort zones, and false sense of security, have you considered the threats for the involuntary termination of your existence?

Alternatively, do you mindlessly wander the social landscape and relish in the illusion of pop culture consumption? Not only is there the ever-darkening threat of human degeneration, nature conjures a staggering array of conditions adverse to human longevity. Life is too short to be arrogantly self-absorbed and happily stupid. When “normal” fails to offer the seductive gluttony of selfishness, how will you react?