Week 4: Google Summer of code with Debian

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What we did this week?

  • Added NAT configuration and made some fixes on DHCP server
  • I was facing issues with Debian buster vagrant box also raised an issue about it. Later was able to fix the issue. Maintainers were able to reproduce the problem and accepted my solution and wrote a how-to troubleshoot wiki page about it. This was a big achievement as I am not only making changes in my GSoC project but also contributing to Debian buster vagrant box
  • Fixed the ltsp client login problem and working on that Pull Request to make it better
  • Also had a talk with vagrantc(creator of ltsp) on irc. Learned how to troubleshoot ltsp from client
  • Made some improvements in client.sh (Still working on making it even better)
  • Added Vagrantfile, README.md, Provision script for debian buster
  • Also explored vagrant-cachier plugin to speed up testing process.

Problems we could not solve

  • Still need to make some improvements in client.sh
  • Need to work on my bash scripting skills. Currently they are just OK

Plans for next week

  • Will finish work with client.sh
  • Will start studying about Debian packaging
  • Then I will start with task decided for next week. Porting ubuntu-edu packages to Debian
  • Work on Automatic reconfiguration of dnsmasq for non standalone mode of operation

Pull requests Merged This Week

Open Pull Requests

Thats all for now folks. So that’s it for now, watch out this space for more blog posts for the whole summer.

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GSoC 18 debian | Nullcon 2018 Volunteer | CSE UnderGrad

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