Google Summer of code 2018

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Final Summary
  3. Deliverable
  4. Weekly reports & Blog posts
  5. Other contributions
  6. Thank you


Final Summary

Here is what I did last week

  • Made enhancements on buster branch[1]
  • added auto-config feature
  • enabled autologin and guestlogin
  • More functionality to
  • Wrote script to manage user accounts in bulk.[2]
  • Created a bug report as a request to merge the edu packages that I created[3]
  • Provided dhcp range to dhcp server for testing[4][5]
  • Updated documentation[6]
  • Removed vagrant-cachier plugin, enabled dns[7]
  • We are also trying to involve the other students that wanted to work on this project[8]

Plans for next week and after

  • Merge request, bug report for education packages has been already made. Will remove edu.shscript as soon as it is merged.
  • Will update vagrant box for linux mint tara after…

Here is what I did last week?

  • For most of the time in the week I was working on building packer template linux mint 19[1]
  • updated readme file[1]
  • Added education packages to debian edu. Improved primaryschool package[2]
  • Released vagrant box version 1.0.2[3]
  • Made some changes in virtual ltsp project to adapt to version 1.0.2 [3]
  • Studied how to use reportbug and filed bug (severity: wishlist) using it.
  • All the improvments that were made in bionic branch are now made in buster branch as well [4]

Problems I could not solve

  • I had to wait for bug to get reported to merge the packages [5]

Plans for next week

  • Improve documentation
  • Work on buster branch [6]
  • Test…

What I did last week?

  • Implemented auto_config feature in Vagrantfile[1]
  • Made several changes in provisioner script to adapt to the newer version of ltsp[1]
  • Fixed DNS issue in ltsp setup[2]
  • Added guest-login and auto-login functionality in ltsp server for ltsp client[3]
  • Improving the Debian Edu packages for uploading them to

Problems I could not solve

  • Still, need to make some improvements in Debian Edu packages before uploading them

Plans for next week

  • Upload the packages to[4]
  • Create scripts to automatically build vagrant boxes[5]
  • Create a script to manage bulk user accounts[6]
  • Then I will start with testing again, improve documentation to make final upload of code to google

Pull requests created

Issues worked on

Current status of project

What I did last week?

  • Most of the time week was devoted for testing the entire project in various distribution, cases and enviroment.
  • Also tried using Virtual ltsp server with 10 different clients on real LAN.
  • Next task to do was fix the issues found. One such issue was fixing IP address issue caused by switching to linux mint.[1]
  • Another issue was internet was not working on on ltsp client. Fixed that one[2]

Problems I could not solve

  • Didn’t get time to work on autologin and to write packer script to create vagrant box. As lot of time was given to testing
  • Still trying to work on auto_config of network…

Here is what I did last week?

  • Created fully functional script for testing. It will create virtual interface, startup ltsp-server, and dhcp server and then the client with a single command and destroy them with another.[1]
  • Differentiated between ltsp-server and ltsp-server-standalone package by looking at package source[2]
  • Added GUI to vagrant box[3]

What I did last week?

  • added script on buster branch that creates virtual interface[1]
  • made several improvements in `` script to create a virtual network in both buster and bionic branch[2][3][4]
  • Informed the maintainers about a minor bug in official ubuntu ltsp-pnp page. It is now fixed.
  • wrote wiki page on how to troubleshoot ltsp setup[5]
  • wrote a blog on how vagrantc(creator of ltsp) helped me fix the client login problem.[6]
  • studied about building Debian package from resources collected last week
  • wrote a script to automatically port and install ubuntu-edu packages to Debian(open PR and needs some improvements)[7]
  • Searched and tested the difference between…


GSoC 18 debian | Nullcon 2018 Volunteer | CSE UnderGrad

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