You can always expect to really like the environment and people of Nepal

Canadian group: Everest base camp trek: 24 days
sound therapy (she (suzanne) is feeling amazing)

Nepal is beautiful country in the central Asia. Nepal is a country of mountains and hills and valleys. Despite of being a small country it has got the worlds climate and amazing activities including adventure sports of river rafting, mountain climbing including the worlds highest mountains Mt. Everst 8848m. We have got the best environment of trekking adventure activities and as well as high mountain passes.

Nepal is also country of amazing culture. We have 124 different ethic groups practicing individually their traditions and culture and 123 different languages still being practiced within area of Nepal. People are very friendly and helpful, one travelers will never feel as a traveler in the homeland with Nepali. Nepali People really like tourist, they are very happy to meet one.

Everest (background)

Nepal is very safe and best place to spend at least a few days in lifetime. Nepal is developing countries and still we are expecting things to change around us organized and travelling in Nepal saves lots of money since Nepal is very inexpensive country. You can always expect to really like the environment and people of Nepal