Reverberation 2017 — Where Memories Are Made…

Reverberation 2017, The Semi Annual Conference of District 82, Toastmasters International held at Chennai on December 1,2 & 3, 2017.

Nishant, Elango, Soundarya, Nandhini, Aravind, Jeeson, Gajesh & Thomas Abraham

They came, They saw and They conquered. They conquered our hearts and gave us those everlasting memories.’They’ here refers to those eminent speakers who ignited the fire within us with their enlightening speeches. The speeches included variety of subjects like design thinking, how to tell your own story, Mumbai’s Dubbawala’s, just a name a few, and the words that was reverberating in all these sessions were passion, creativity, and leadership.The speaker list includes Mark Brown , the world Champion of Public speaking, Sean Chapel , the ICE MAN- author and record-breaking adventurer with world firsts in Iceland, the Arctic and the Antarctic , Saveen Hegde , design thinking specialist, Dr. Pawan Agrawal of Dubbawala and our own Tamil Nadu Weatherman , Pradeep John. Here is a brief note on what we experienced.

Mark Brown — World Champion of Public speaking

With his unique blend of hilarious humor and unmatched energy, Mark Brown inspired us to tell our own story. He quoted “ Our stories are the key to connecting. They don’t have to be sensational; they just have to be sincere.” It was an eye opener, were he emphasized that you should have the courage to tell your stories and it has the every right to be listened.

Elango , Soundarya , Mark Brown & Nandhini

Saveen Hegde — Design Thinking Specialist

Have you ever imagined that you can tell stories in 6 words ? Here are few ones — “ Ram married Sita and Killed Ravana” — “Known voice but says wrong number “. Now try to create to your own!!!

Saveen Hegde , a design thinking specialist , with his speech on Learn the art of Improv, unboxed different concepts of story telling. Apart from his 6 word story telling he also demonstrated that you can make an impromptu stories using the phrases Once upon a Time….And then Suddenly … Because of which …. and Finally..

Gajesh & Saveen Hegde

Saveen is the anchor, and narrator of Punchtantraa — India’s only clean comedy collective with over 150 live shows and featured on NDTV’s Rising Star.

Dr. Pawan Aggrawal — Mumbai’s Dubbawala

With his powerful voice, humour and exuberance speech Dr. Pawan Aggrawal inspired us with his story of 127 year old Mumbai Dubbawala’s. Sporting the famous signature dress code he articulated how a Dubbawala does his work with passion, consistency and 100% accuracy. He explained how the famed Dabbawalas with a strength of 5000 men , mostly illiterate people, deliver and take back nearly 200,000 lunch boxes each day at Mumbai. With an accuracy of less than one mistake in 6 million deliveries earned them the coveted ‘six sigma ‘certification . Customer is God should be the Mantra for any business establishment to make its mark .

Dr. Pawan Aggrawal
Dr Pawan Aggrawal distributing dubbas to other Toastmasters dignitaries

Pradeep John — Tamil Nadu Weatherman

Tamil Nadu Weatherman does not require any introduction. In a interview session he revealed his passion for rains ever since he was a child . His message to the youths was also to follow their passion and chase their dreams.

Elango, Soundarya, Nandhini, Pradeep John & Venkat

Humorous Contest

During this session we also witnessed laugh-until-you-cry humorous speeches and Constructive-Positive Evaluation of speeches.

I never thought, not even in my dreams , that I will deliver a Humorous speech in a packed audience and of all things I will make the audience laugh .Although I could not generate the same impact at District level contest ,which also comprised audience from Sri Lanka, but the journey till here has been awesome. There has been lot of learning and I take this opportunity to thank my mentors Thomas Abraham , Alex Jacob and my fellow Lennox Toastmasters for all their support.

Toastmasters is not just about public speaking or leadership but it is a journey to know yourself and to see the inner beauty that alludes all of us. If you want to be part of this wonderful journey join us at Lennox India Toastmasters club, we meet on all Thursdays 2 to 3 at Kalam.