Oh my goodness 5/30~6/6

Oh my goodness it’s already June!! I can’t believe it.

I had a cold and fever for a few days, and it was terrible.

That’s because my usual body temperature is 35,5 but it was 38,2 when I feel sick!

I couldn’t eat anything and even sitting made me tired. However Tasmanian’s temperature is higher than Japanese and my temperature is lower than most of Japanese, so my host mother was not worried about me too much.

I decided I would ask her to take me to a hospital if I felt sick more.

I absent the school for two days and just slept and drank water. My nose is still running and voice is different but a fever was over so I go to the school in the usual way.

By the way One of my friend tends to be late or not be in the school these days, because 「it is too cold」. One day when I absent the school, she asked me why I was not at school , so I answered that.

When she heard its cause, she said unbelievable thing! Guess what?

she said 「it was not bother anyone!

You played hooky!」


Look who’s talking😂

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