Congratulations to Misha Ostromecki for winning the April Gala $360 award

We are proud to announce that Misha Ostromecki won the April 2017 Gala360 photographer of the month title and a $360 award. This is the fifth Gala $360 award we’ve sent out to our photographer community.

Misha published two stories on Gala360, the “Real Stereoscopic Experience” has more than 72,500 views so far. The fourth pano in the story: “Neon Side Gallery by Night. Wroclaw, Poland” is one of the best VR experiences we’ve ever had. The stereoscopic effect is so good and the sense of presence is so strong that I felt I really went there.

Shooting and stitching stereoscopic 360 photos is really challenging. Misha uses two cameras side by side and takes 24 shots on each camera for each stereo photo. All these hard work to present the best possible experience in VR.

And Misha has a third story coming up that will surely blow our minds again.

Gala360 can be downloaded from Oculus GearVR store and Google Play for DayDream VR users. Misha’ work can be fount in the “Spotlight” and “Europe” section.