Galactic Punks Holiday Update & 2021 Recap

TLDR; In this update we will cover 👇

  • GalacticDAO makeover: transition OF TO a new home for on-chain governance, view treasury updates & more.
  • Galactic DAO Proposal Recap: The DAO has voted on and passed 10 proposals since the introduction to Galactic DAO V1.
  • Community Validator: over 400k LUNA staked and 9 punks raffled off to stakers!
  • GP IRL: Luna Loot Merch drop and TeFi Miami Official Afterparty.
  • Angel Donations & Restore Earth: a tally of total contributions to Angel Protocol & our efforts to support the Restore Earth campaign.
  • Christmas gift: read on to learn more ;)
  • Cross-chain collabs: The blossoming relationship between Solana Monke Business’s MonkeDAO.
  • GalacticDAO as a Decentralised VC: Details covering the very first DAO investment into a Luart’s private round, supporting the competitive development of NFTerra ecosystem.
  • NFTerra hackathon: The Galactic DAO prize.
  • ALPHA: Galactic Ships, Galactic Gridz.

GalacticDAO’s New Home 🛰

GalacticDAO Proposal Recap 🙌

  • Proposal — 001 — The DAO voted in favour (1017–11) to fund the GalacticDAO prize for the hackathon. See details in NFTerra section!
  • Proposal — 002: Renaming of “Galactic Civilian” role to “Galactic Citizen” (1050–13)
  • Proposal — 003: The DAO voted in favour (1131–12) of setting up a GalacticDAO community validator (first of it’s kind) to secure the network, and develop a sustainable stream of revenue independent of the NFT market. The community also voted yes on staking 5k LUNA from the treasury.
  • Proposal — 004: A Galactic Marketing campaign bounty passed (891–20) in which the DAO members can submit their marketing ideas. Campaigns that pass can receive 5k in funding and up to $1k in payment for the individuals carrying the campaign out.
  • Proposal — 005 & 006: The community voted yes (695–16, 703–21) to hire a frontend and a backend developer to contribute to the build-out of GalacticDAO V2. No brainer in our opinion!
  • Proposal — 007: A bunch of GP degens! The DAO passed a vote (808–54) to allocate $69,420 UST to the MIM-UST Degenbox strategy 🎩
  • Proposal — 008: There were two parts to this: First, the DAO used $5,500 UST to upgrade the community validator so it could be eligible for the Terra Delegation Program which could lead to TFL delegating 400k-1M Luna to our validator (690–4). Second, the validator updated its distribution of rewards to a 90–10% split for airdrop raffles and team/running costs. More Galactic Punks for everyone!
  • Proposal — 009: As per our cross-chain efforts, we could think of no better community to support than the trailblazing SMB! The DAO voted yes (554–44) in favour of delegating 69.42069 SOL to the MonkeDAO validator. Sense a theme in numbers here?
  • Proposal — 010: Thanks to 010, the GalacticDAO is officially a decentralised VC! The community decided (557–16) to invest $100k UST into the Luart private round with 80% of the tokens to be airdropped to GP holders. More details later on in this post…

Community Validator Update 🌖

Galactic Punks IRL 🧢 🏝

Angel Donations & Restore Earth Campaign 😇 🌍

Christmas Gift — Teaser Alert 📖 🎁

Cross-Chain Everything ⛓ 🐵

GalacticDAO as a VC alternative? 💪 💸

NFTerra Hackathon 🏗

Galactic Ships 🚀

ALPHA: Galactic Gridz whaattt? 🗺 🌆




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