ICO Zeus — First Ecomining in the world

Zeus is the first company in the world recycling garbage waste into electricity, which is used for mining cryptocurrencies at the factory with its own mining capacities.
Detail Of Zeus-Token
The main difference of the company is the recycling of garbage into electricity, which is used for mining cryptocurrencies, thus contributing to the development of world’s crypto economy and decentralized systems.
first cryptocurrency to be mined was bitcoin. In 2010, it could be extracted
using the power of a home computer processor, and it was very effective. Later,
bitcoins began to be extracted with the help of graphic processors, which was
much more efficient than the extraction on a regular PC using a regular
1 person produces 300 kg of waste per year.
200 000 000 tons of household waste forms annual in EU.
Lands under dumps remain toxic for
50–100 years.
Our mission is to enable everyone not only to help solving garbage utilization problem but also profitably invest and make this world better.
First implementation of building garbage recycling factory project which also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world — ZEUS EcoCryptoMining.
With it can produce
Power: 38 648 000 kW/h per year.

  1. Income:13 308 BTC per year.
  2. Net annual profit: 53 239 659 €.


It is planned to raise 41 620 thousands Euro (equivalent in Ethereum) during ICO. Funds will be used to purchase land, construction building for waste processing plant and mining plant, components for assembling mining power, purchase equipment for waste processing, packaging line and loading equipments.
We accept funds not only not only in Ethereum but also in Bitcoin.
And here’s the brief*
The project is characterized by such indicators of profitability:
*Expenses per year2 441 393 €
*revenue56 341 052 €
*profit after taxes53 239 659 €
*per month4 436 638 €
58 000 000 ZEUS Tokens will be released in total
“15% of the sold tokens will be distributed among the team.
“2% of the sold tokens is intended for the bounty program.
“49.300.000 tokens will be distributed among investors.
“1.000.000 tokens is intended for the Pre-ICO sale.
*PRE ICO1 000 000 ZEUS Tokens0.50€ per 1 ZEUS Token
*1–7day ICO5 000 000 ZEUS Tokens0.70€ per 1 ZEUS Token
*8–14day ICO10 000 000 ZEUS Tokens0.80€ per 1 ZEUS Token
*15–22day ICO15 000 000 ZEUS Tokens0.85€ per 1 ZEUS Token
*23–29day ICO19 300 000 ZEUS Tokens0.90€ per 1 ZEUS Token
=Tokens in total50 300 000 ZEUS Tokens
Token redemption will be held quarterly — 5 000 000 Tokens in the quarter.
12 payouts by basic price of 1 €/1ZT in the period of 12 months which is calculated according to the course not higher 4000 €\ETH, if course will be higher:


Alexander Pilipenko
Since 2003 has been taking part in heavy industry, recycling and energy projects development and implementation. In 2007, he successfully created and manages the economy real sector company, which has high positions in the energy resources market and EU countries.

Boleslav Voytsekhovskiy
Head of cryptocurrency
mining direction
Started working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain in 2015. Organized the production and sale of mining equipment, work of a large data center for cryptocurrency mining in Poland. Before that he worked as a Commercial Director in such companies as «Energocapital» LLC and «Dis-Energo» LLC.

Irina Prokhorova
12 years of experience in the financial field. Specialist in the implementation of financial enterprise activities aimed at providing financial resources, formation and distribution of income/expenses. Has a successful experience in the field of monitoring the performance of financial indicators, loan attraction, studying the credit market, coordination of operational and management accounting.

Erki Casar
Project’s lawyer
Experience in advising enterprises in the field of international and corporate law, extensive judicial practice. Cooperation and serve with the following companies during the working period: Skankristall OÜ, OÜ Annamari, OÜ Kodu Haldus, Creditmarket OÜ, Adolfi Õigusbüroo OÜ (Estonia).

Josef Braun
Has an extensive experience in the field of projection design, engineering services and solutions for the construction and operation of biogas plants, industrial recycling of garbage and solid household waste, food industry waste and agriculture. For more than 15 years he has been heading the company BIT Braun Industrial Technology GmbH.

Baev Sergey
Experience in pre-sale preparation of companies, experience in implementation, control and project management, a partner in a corporate consulting company.

Alexey Karasev
Project development director
Has experience in managing mining and road construction companies, as well as experience in installation and management of waste processing plants.

Alexander Chochia
Deep knowledge and extensive experience in financial field of expertise, worked for a long time in the banking sector as the First Deputy of the General Director of Privatbank Georgia (Tbilisi), worked in the First Commercial Bank / TAO BANK in the position of a General Director, also as a Director of EUROPACE Insurance Company.

WEBSITE : http://zeus-token.io/eng/
WHITEPAPER : http://zeus-token.io/eng/whitepaper.pdf
ANN THREAD : https://t.me/joinchat/Cg9KDwhfwYZgztRVemWnwQ

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