It has been a while since we last disclosed our progress, but from now on things are accelerating! We are going to start sharing our story, piece by piece, so anybody interested can follow where we are and understand what we do! Let's start with the idea!

The basic idea of Galaxis Network has appeared in June 2018 and have been refined during a 12 month period when the core team was building Solidity Services, while in parallel gathering feedback for the Galaxis Network project, researching technical feasibility and conducting discussions with potential advisors and participants in the project.

The basic idea in Peter’s and Mate’s head was remaining as Whitepaper and Pitch Deck drafts, PoC contracts and experimenting with the different DEX interfaces for at least a year before the actual serious development started, in addition to some workshops and events where they have also been awarded as one of the most innovative fintech startup projects by Hiventures, one of the biggest VCs in central Europe. …

Despite the fact that we have just recently come out with our project, the interest is already building up within the community.

We are happy to publish that Galaxis Network has been invited to one of the most significant Fintech Events of the year to introduce our project together with 11 other Fintech Startups.

The event had around 400 participants and was organized by Fintechzone with the goal to discuss the current financial trends and discover the most innovative solutions in digital finance.

Following our presentation at the FintechShow, we are happy to announce that Galaxis Network has received the Special Award from Hiventures, one of the biggest Venture Capital firms in Central Europe. …

Galaxis Network is a Decentralized Portfolio Management solution driven by Smart Contracts built on the Ethereum platform.

We are actively working on our project and will share all the available information we have as soon as possible.

In favor of transparency, we are listing all of our Official Social Media and Online channels in this regularly updated post, so we can avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Please choose accordingly, so we can keep you updated!





Thank You for joining Us!


Galaxis Network

Decentralized Portfolio Management Driven by Smart Contracts on Ethereum

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