Samsung Galaxy S8 — Release Date in April 2017 (Report)

With so many rumors widespread about galaxy S8, Samsung is making sure it only ignites the fire further. This is why the firm has not revealed the release date of Samsung S8 yet. And since the S7 came in the month of March, we can be damn sure that it is still few months before we see the new phone striking the market.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept Image

However, a source close to Samsung has revealed that the company will announce the phone in March 2017. The new Samsung Galaxy known as S8 till now will be packed with some attractive features users are waiting for. Moreover it will have some dashing technologies like infrared and fingerprint so the fans don’t get disappointed with the upgrade of the same specifications in S7.

Some sources even claim that the device will be the best smartphone of 2016. Do you think so? Samsung Galaxy S8 surely has all the capabilities of coming up as a great phone, but more claims will be overwhelming as we are yet to see what Apple does with its next iphone. Till now, the release and launch of Galaxy S8 is rumored to be accompanied with a great launch event which will happen with a splendid presence of celebrities and top notch personalities from the technology world like the CEO of Samsung himself.

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