‘Battlefield 1’ Is Fantastic, but Not Because of the History
War Is Boring

“Battlefield 1 is best big budget video game shooter since 2005’s Call of Duty 2"

I’m not sure I’d go there… COD 2 was great and all, but far better and more ground-breaking shooters have been released since. It was certainly the best of the WW2 shooters (World at War would have surpassed it if the AI’s grenade spamming wasn’t so prominant), but Modern Warfare released only a few years later was revolutionary and far more polished than COD2. Then you have consider shooters that depart from the corridor whack-a-mole level design to games where the battlespaces are far more open and the AI characters respond to your attacks far more intuitively… thinking specifically of Halo (admittedly my favorite).

I’ve played a few rounds online of BF1 and the beta, and it’s pretty great. Definitely not ready for it to be considered the greatest ever however. Heck, I’m sure there will be a 16gig patch I’ll need to download by the time I’ll get around to buying it.