As a moderate independent I’m tired of everyone.
Brian Schwartz

But division is key when identity politics is the means to the end… especially for adherents to cultural forms of Marxism. There simply has to be an oppressor for the narrative to even approach being logical. People like the author get to spout all kinds of assumptions and personal projections about entire races or genders, while at the same time denying they are bigoted themselves. It’s convient that they have manufactured a definion of racism that excludes themselves because of the sound argument of… ???

I don’t consider myself to be a conservative, however I am repulsed by the arguments leftist (not liberals) advocate. As a result of being a committed ideologue, this author can answer every question before it’s even asked. The irony would be funny, except that it’s actually pretty depressing when one realizes the extent of the indoctrination and the harm this close-mindedness facilitates.