Green Jean Discovers Dollar Weeds Are Micro-Sized Galaxies

February 22, 2016 | Just outside of Lunar Patch, Alabama, a man by the name of Green Jean, who has been eating nothin’ but dollar weeds for over 12 years, has discovered, by mere accident, that these unwanted green pests are, in fact, penny sized galaxies of their own.

The discovery was made when Green Jean was examining an alga under his microscope and a dollar weed leaf flew off his salad,

“…almost with intention!”, says Green Jean,

landing right under his lens, revealing at least two of the micro-galaxy’s most populated solar systems, within just one leaf.

The dollar weed, or dollarweed, which has the scientific name, “Hydrocotyle umbellata, is native to both North and South America. Although it is most often seen as a back-yard bother, and is sometimes a noxious weed, foragers have been indulging in the green snack forever. Recently, the “miracle weed” has been gaining popularity among alternative medicine doctors and nutritionists, who are finding many nutritional benefits from the solar-system bearing green.

Green Jean will continue his research, and intends on sharing his findings with the community as he progresses. He has already been invited by 10 higher education research institutions to continue research under their institutional grants and scientific guidance, and Green Jean is currently deciding on what his next steps will regarding these offers. For now, he has released one image to keep us supporting the research and awaiting new findings:

Image Courtesy Green Jean, Lunar Patch, AL