The Bitcoin Private hard fork, ZClassic and the so-called spork

Alex Galea
Jan 5, 2018 · 6 min read

What the fork are you talking about?

1 BTC + 1 ZCL = 2BTCP

The ZClassic hard fork announcement

What’s ZClassic?

If financial freedom is a rollercoaster ride of emotion where your assets can drop to near zero value at any time — then yes I agree.
ZCL price following Rhett’s twitter post

Let’s talk $$. What will BTCP be worth?

My 2¢

Things that can go wrong

Update — 2018–02–21

Update — 2018–03–04

Update — 2018–04–01


Update — 2018–04–30

Alex Galea

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Senior Data Analyst, MSc. Physics

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