How to fix an iPhone when it is not connecting to WI-Fi network?

iPhones are not exempted from glitches. At some point in time, iPhone fails to reset network settings and does not connect to wireless network. To fix such annoying situations, try to re-initiate Wi-Fi System Service. If the technical conflicts are not resolved then perform a factory reset of iPhone. For a stable internet connection, just keep everything updated. However, it is easy to diagnose Wi-Fi problems but if you need an immediate help for how to fix your iPhone that can’t connect to Wi-Fi then talk to our iPhone Customer Support professionals at our number 1–855–239–6292 Toll Free.

We recommend some techniques to fix an iPhone when it is not connecting to Wi-Fi:-

1. Try to reboot your iPhone: — Rebooting is a better option to fix Wi-Fi connectivity glitches. Just hold and press the power button and wait for iPhone to get switched off. This process will take 15 seconds to get finished. After some time, press the power button and you will see Apple logo on the screen.

2. Use different Wi-Fi network: — Sometimes, the problem occurs with a particular network connection. You should try to connect your iPhone to an alternative network. For this, just unplug your modem and establish a fresh connection.

3. Reset network settings: — Open Settings and click on the General option. You will see Reset button at the bottom, just click on it. After this click on Reset Network Settings and delete all Wi-Fi records.

4. Backup your data and restore iPhone: — Open iTunes on your system and connect your iPhone to PC. After this, click on Trust and select iPhone icon. Go to Backups option and click on Restore Backup. This method will take some time to restore your data.

5. Reset the router: — If you are experiencing Wi-Fi snags then turn off your router for 30 seconds and reconnect it to your iPhone.

Perform these simple steps to fix wireless connectivity hitches:-

· First of all, reset your iPhone network settings. Open Settings and click on the General option. After this, tap on Reset.

· Now click on Reset Network Settings and your iPhone will restart.

· After this, switch on your device and again go to Settings. Select the General option and make a click on Software Update. If you are still facing issue then check DNS settings.

· Check for updates on your iPhone. Just click on Settings and select General option. Now click on Software Updates and if new updates are available then install them.

Importance of iPhone Customer Support for Users

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